This company is an independent online game producer that was created by Microgaming. Its creation is extremely recent as it was launched in January 2018 and so the information about it is still very little but of course everyone who likes Microgaming is very curious to find out how it will adapt to StormCraft to an industry that can be a little difficult to succeed. However, if it is a company that was created by the excellent Microgaming then not everything will be extremely difficult.

What will the company do in the industry?

For some time now, news from this industry has been talking about StormCraft and its release. However, it was during ICE, one of the most important casino affiliate events that took place in London in January 2018, that its launch was announced. That’s when Microgaming itself told its players that it was going to launch StormCraft, an idea that was very well received by everyone. StormCraft has already released a game, but it is sure to release many more, so it’s just a matter of waiting to see what the themes will be. The quality is sure to be the same or perhaps even better, which makes these games much more attractive to online casino players.

Since when is the company active?

Since the creation of StormCraft was announced that it has been operating normally, which means it may be developing new games these days. In June this company launched a new game, Fortunium. This has been incredibly successful because of its potential. It is obvious that StormCraft will create many other games that you can enjoy in huge casinos, but it will take some time to do so. If you want to enjoy more of your games then you have to wait a while.

Play wherever and whenever you want

Since StormCraft games are developed using the latest HTML5 technology, players can access them from various mobile devices such as Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. Although it sounds very simple and unimportant, the fact is that making your games available on these platforms has immense advantages for players and, as a result, for StormCraft itself, as there will be more people enjoying their games. games.

Will StormCraft change the online casino industry?

Since it is a company independent of Microgaming and with a great team that Microgaming has, Microgaming is very likely to become one of the best developers in the industry, something quite normal. It will take some effort on the part of everyone, but it will get there. If you start developing amazing quality games, then it won’t be long before you succeed in this industry. And it is possible when playing the game that has already been released to see that this is a very well defined goal and that it is really something that can be done in the short term. By developing better games than other companies, then it will undoubtedly revolutionize this entire industry.

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