Rabcat is well known all over the world as it is a game developer which is unfortunately quite neglected by the industry and has not yet had all the attention it deserves to have, which makes it always behind and not the representation it really deserves. However, you are expected to have all this attention in the future. It has been around since 2001, and was established in Vienna, Austria.

Your specialization

Rabcat develops video slots, video poker, table games and also very innovative 3D games. These games can be accessed at various online casinos so if you are interested in trying one of the games from this company, it is easy to access without any difficulties. Something that distinguishes this from many other companies in the same industry is the fact that it develops 3D games, which is considered state-of-the-art and completely innovative. If you want to have the opportunity to enjoy amazing games that will surprise you, then try Rabcat’s. You will not be disappointed. Its incredible portfolio is only available through the Quickfire platform that was developed by Microgaming.

Which games can you play your games on?

By deciding to try out amazing Rabcat games, you will be able to access them through huge devices, which is great as it allows more people to play. They are produced with great quality, so they can be played on computers with large screens without losing their graphics quality and you can access these games through a Macbook or a Windows computer without any problems. So you can play away from anywhere, Rabcat has developed its games so that you can play them on a tablet, iPad, Android or iOS smartphone. All this gives you more possibilities to be able to play these games without having to worry about compatibility, because most people have a smartphone and a computer, which makes everything simpler.

What does Rabcat develop?

Rabcat is an extraordinary company, and this is reflected in its games and the way it produces them. In addition to developing fantastic online casino slots, it also develops video poker, table games and, most amazingly, PlayStation 4 and computer games. Not all companies in this industry develop games for these platforms, but Rabcat can produce all of these games, which is great as it hits multiple markets. It won’t be easy, but Rabcat can do it!

The right choice

When you want to play at an online casino and you don’t know which developer to choose the game from, then have no doubt about choosing Rabcat games. These are developed using the latest and greatest technology so that the end product is a great and perfect game that many players will enjoy. There is no way to go wrong when choosing Rabcat. It is a company with an excellent reputation and this is normal due to the games it develops.

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