Although it started very small, GIG has managed to expand. With an office in Malta in the beginning, it now has two more: one in Denmark and one in Marbella, and the entire company has over 600 employees. Since its inception in 2013, GIG has been changing the entire industry. Although not one of the oldest or most popular companies, it is really a good company that knows what it does.

How did GIG come about?

The story of how this company came about is very funny and also interesting. Many years ago, at the beginning of all this, there was a poker site called Donkr. It taught people how to get involved in what would be the next international phenomenon that would make them make money. Five years later, Donkr owners launched a casino – Guts.

From then on everything started to go really well, and the launch of this amazing casino was just the first step the team took to start leading in this industry. GIG was created to be able to develop games for these existing online casinos. GIG’s goal is to continue to grow and expand for even more success and recognition. Apparently, there is no fear of the future, because the company has been very lucky.

Still growing

Although not one of the oldest companies in the industry, GIG is still growing, because it only has 7 casinos where it provides its games, which is a bit low. These casinos are all very popular, which is great, but they need to be more operators because that’s how you get more popularity. Also its portfolio is small, which is not always attractive to casinos. With this change, this could be quite advantageous and casinos might find that this company deserves to have their games available at this casino.

What does this company offer to operators

If you need a platform for your casino then it has GiG Core so you don’t have any problems. It also provides various sports betting services such as GiG Sports Connect, GiG Trader and GiG Goal. Each has its own functionality. The first serves to have the odds of gambling, the second is a suite of exchanges, risk management tools and global and local knowledge services, the latter is based on algorithms. For online casinos this has its games, it has GiG Magic which allows them to be played on all devices and also GiG Casino Connect which has all games in one place. Then there are functions for the media, which may be very necessary for many online casinos. Offering all of these services makes it easier to manage an online casino because it’s all in one place and not spread out.

When will more games be released?

Since August 2018, GIG has started developing new games, which will be released in late 2018, if all goes well. The total of games will be 6, and all will be released randomly, so it is not known when or which will be the first. However, those in production are known to include a slot, a Blackjack game and a Roulette game. Players will have to wait until the end of the year to enjoy these new 6 games.

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