Gambling licenses

Play legally online

There are thousands of gambling sites on the internet. Accessing only legally authorized websites gives you two security guarantees. First, licensed companies are naturally interested in complying with the law and establishing an honest relationship with players. Second, accessing foreign websites that violate Portuguese law increases the likelihood of dealing with dishonest platforms (the availability of an illegal service in Africa already reveals it).

Licenses and responsible gaming

Online gambling licenses in Africa are granted by the Game Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ), a body integrated which, in turn, is part of the Ministry of Economy. SRIJ reveals, on its official website, the name, nature of the license and other details of the entities authorized to provide services in the area of online games in Africa.
Playing on licensed sites not only reduces the risk of the player being exposed to fraud but is also safer in terms of the measures taken by the companies in responsible gambling (self-exclusion, etc.).

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a common feature of most sports betting sites in Africa; The same goes for casino platforms. However, even when a brand includes both game types, betting bonuses are generally not valid at the casino, and vice versa.

There may be no deposit bonuses (eg 10 €) to play before depositing, and welcome bonuses associated with the first deposit; The house offers a percentage of the first deposit amount up to a certain maximum amount. Promotions, usually temporary (specific prizes over a few days or bets on certain games or tournaments) are also frequent.
The quality and frequency of bonuses and promotions is a major factor leading players to choose some platforms over others.

Mobile game

Most online sports bookmakers in Africa now allow you to play “mobile” on your smartphone or tablet. Many provide “app”, others responsive “mobile” sites, and some allow both.

How to start playing on a casino or betting site
Playing on an online gambling site is very easy, and works similarly for both sports betting and casino gambling.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform
Learn about as many websites as possible, read reviews, reviews and opinions, see how they work in terms of mobile gaming, payment methods, etc., and make your choice. Don’t just be guided by welcome bonuses.

Step 2: Register
Registering or creating an account on an online gaming platform is quite simple, identical to what has become common on the internet today. Often some personal data is requested; This is necessary for the safety of all parties.

Step 3: Deposit
Some platforms allow you to play for free in “practice” mode, but for real play you should make your first cash deposit. Once you “fall” into your gamer account, you are ready to begin.

Step 4: Bet and have fun!
Now just place your bets, whether it’s a slot machine, virtual roulette or next weekend’s football games!

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s
How do gambling sites set odds?
Each company has its own team of experts who set their odds according to various criteria: the probability of a particular outcome, the circumstances surrounding a particular game (eg the injury of key players in a team), and the volume itself. betting, among others.

Why is it necessary to validate my account?
Bookmakers typically require their account to be validated for security: for players, for their own home and also to ensure compliance with the law, particularly against money laundering. Each house has its own way of operation, but it is certain that you will be asked for an ID or proof when you make your first withdrawal request.

How is the security of deposits and withdrawals from betting sites guaranteed?
SRIJ licensed companies use SSL encryption technology, similar to that used by banking institutions.

How old must I be to bet online?

You must be 18 years old, that is, to be of legal age. Warning: If a teenager tries to play, not only will he or she eventually be found out, but it could be a reason to withdraw any winnings.

How much money can I earn on sports betting?

There is no direct answer to this question. There are known cases of professional gamblers making sports betting their only income. In Europe, Paulo Rebelo became a known example in the press. However, it is necessary to have advanced knowledge of mathematics, statistics, the sport in question and still a lot of cold blood to succeed in this way. However, those who will start in the betting world should do so for fun and moderately.

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